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Mission Statement

U.S. International Education Alliance’s mission is to promote an internationally diverse educational environment and to empower students, teachers and educational institutions on a global scale.


Get to Know Us

U.S. International Education Alliance (UIEA) is an organization led by notable leaders from prestigious universities, education boards and nonprofit organizations based in the United States with meaningful international outreach. UIEA leverages its unique resources and connections to create high-impact international exchange programs and to further globalize American universities and preparatory schools.

UIEA Strategy

UIEA focuses its efforts in the epicenter of education in the United States: the six states of New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine). By leveraging New England’s highly concentrated educational resources, UIEA directly connects international institutions and students with opportunities at prestigious universities and high schools in the United States.

College Campus

UIEA's Initiatives


Uphold and educate values of diversity & inclusion for all members of UIEA


Conduct training programs that address equity, bias, and accountability in education


Establish the Campus for International Education and Collaboration, which brings together intellectuals and leaders in the education sphere to share ideas and propel advancements in global education

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